Some of the best sourcing talent and a state-of-the-art database of sources and suppliers

CUETECH employs some of the best sourcing talent in the industry, people who understand your requirements and have the knowledge and commitment to find the products you need. Our specialists have been carefully chosen for their particular expertise in sourcing technology products across multiple high-tech product categories such as computer, electronic, telecom, medical and tests & measurement equipment.

The company maintains a state-of-the-art, indexed, technology sources database which contains over 15 years of sourcing solutions history along with details on each and every company transaction. We combine this proprietary database with membership in multiple business-to-business exchanges for a wide range of current and aftermarket products.

When we take on your requirement, we work aggressively to combine knowledge from our proprietary database with real-time information from the worldwide technology sourcing community. The goal is to quickly solve your sourcing problem and deliver what you need, when and where you need it.
Many of the exclusive exchanges and sources that CUETECH works with are product line and industry specific. Hence they are often unknown to various persons seeking hard-to-find or obsolete products.

We also maintain direct relationships with a wide range of manufacturers, distributors, brokers, liquidators and unique supply sources. Each time that we use this complex network to solve a sourcing problem, we add more solution paths to our proprietary database and after 15 years CUETECH is the ideal company to turn to for rapid, successful searches through the maze of potential industry supply sources.

There is a great and persistent need for a channel where engineers, buyers, materials managers, technicians and others can acquire products no longer available through primary or standard supply channels. CUETECH is the missing puzzle piece in the supply chain that addresses this need.

As important as database, sourcing channel, and technology platforms are, they never replace the human relationships we have built with key people throughout the high technology sourcing supply chain. We develop lifetime relationships with the people we do business with.

We always strive to exceed expectations, to offer honest answers, and to provide exceptional service. Personal relationships and customer commitments are at the heart of our business. 


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