Working with distributors and resellers to source hard-to-find high-tech products and components

Over 80% of CUETECH’s customers are referrals from OEMs and Distributors who are helping their customers find products that are no longer available and who, for various reasons, cannot migrate to newer generation offerings. This is a commonplace problem with resellers and manufacturers who focus on the government, aerospace, military, medical and OEM markets.

For 17 years CUETECH, has been sourcing products that cannot be found through “regular” channels and it is this experience that we can put to work for you. Whether you refer your customers to CUETECH or you work through CUETECH on their behalf, our staff has been trained to treat referrals with extreme professionalism, integrity and confidentiality and we will work for you to find that product.

By providing this sourcing capability you will not just be providing another level of service to your customer. You will be strengthening a relationship and developing customer loyalty. You will no longer have to tell your customers to go elsewhere where there is a risk of losing them to another distributor or manufacturer for future orders.


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