Helping to manage the product life cycle for OEMs and CEMs

Managing the product life cycle is a complicated task at the best of times, but at the speed technology is moving today, that task is becoming increasingly more difficult. 

During maintenance procedures there will be requirements for components and peripherals that are specified into the product designs and certified by an industry regulator such as the FAA. If that component is out-of-manufacture and not available through your regular supply channels your options are limited.

It is time consuming and expensive to redesign, undergo prototyping and testing, and gain the re-certification that would be required if a substitute component was used. The requirement, therefore, has to be for the obsolete or EOL part to be available for as long as possible

CUETECH can make that part available to you. While you concentrate all your efforts into developing the new product, CUETECH will utilize its vast network of suppliers to find that part whenever a maintenance requirement dictates.

Using CUETECH's resources may also provide a way for you to win additional contracts. If you see that your prospect has a legacy maintenance issue you may want to offer them a supplemental procurement service whereby you provide them with the spare, legacy parts sourced through CUETECH.  


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