Overcoming the effect of DMSMS on the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Due to the length of time military systems are designed to last, it is more than likely that during the life of that system DMSMS (Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages) is going to have an adverse effect on maintenance and repair. With technology advances coming at an ever increasing pace, today’s Military systems will more likely than not outlive the availability of the components used to produce them.

Having worked a great deal with the Military CUETECH understands this and is very aware of the problems that arise from DMSMS and has taken the initiative in a number of risk mitigation efforts.

CUETECH has worked closely with the procurement personnel at military bases such as USS Curtis-Wilbur, Tobyhanna Army Depot and Elmendorf AFB, to find and supply products that they could no longer be found through their regular channels.

In certain instances when a product truly is unavailable, CUETECH’s technicians, working with the original specifications and taking into consideration the design restrictions due to the product’s environment, will research, recommended and source replacement products.  

In the rare case of a product not being available and a replacement not being a viable option, CUETECH will most likely be able to have the product repaired utilizing its worldwide network of sources.

CUETECH is a California registered. small, woman-owned business and as a government technology partner can accept Government purchase orders, Impact/Credit Cards and ship to APO and FPO addresses via the US Postal Service. CUETECH can also provide Military specification & custom packaging and labeling, including MIL-STD-2073.

CUETECH is an active participant in the Central Contractor Registration Database www.ccr.gov and a member of the Woman’s Business Enterprise National Council, www.wbenc.org



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